INTUITIVE Akashic Records Reading

Let's go beyond...


"I don't like my job"

"I am unhappy with my relationship (or lack of having one )"

"I feel unfulfilled"

"No clue, what I should do with my life!"

We all want to manifest a wonderful life, abundance, success, loving and fulfilling relationships, inner peace, health ...

But there is always the question: HOW EXACTLY can we do that, on a practical, real life level?


What is it?

It makes total sense really: Figure out your blocks, limitations and roots of your problems and GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR POWER; YOUR INNER WISDOM; YOUR DESIRES!

But what does THAT mean: get in touch with my power? And how do I get ACCESS TO THAT INNER WISDOM?

Your AKASHIC RECORDS are the most AMAZING RESOURCE for this!!!!

It doesn't have to take months or years to change limiting beliefs or unhelpful patterns! Once you know that is hindering you, you can look towards the SOLUTION!

By accessing the AKASHIC RECORDS, we can gain an understanding of the origins of repeating life situations, of fears or limiting beliefs, and we get guidance on how to change them.

We can identify the underlying causes and issues of chronic illnesses and physical, psychological or emotional symptoms, which is going to help you in beginning a healing process.


In a nutshell: the Akashic Records are the universal database or library and they are also called "the book of life". As everything is energy, they consist of everything that exists, has ever existed and will ever exist. Therefore they also hold your Soul's history.

When we tap into that wisdom, we can get deep, extensive but also very practical insight and guidance for our life, and also on how to create more and more the life, we want to live.


"Your current life situation"

"your health"

"an important decision you need to make and would like to get clarification or guidance on
your relationships"

"your personal and spiritual development"

"issues from the past, that seem to hold you back from living life your way"

"The experience of connecting to your soul can help you live your live, the way you long to."



I would like to book my Akashic Records Coaching

249,00 Euro


I look forward to

connecting with you!!!

Love, Mel

Let's DO it! BOOK Your Akashic Records Consultation

For your consultation you will send the following information:

Full name, name at birth, date and place of birth and a recent photo.
Your question/issue

Your Consultation includes:

  • 1 hour Live-Session by video-call or telephone
  • It may be possible to ask more questions during the live session




We are going to tune into your Akashic Records, connect with your soul and I will share with you the information and guidance that is coming through for you. They will always give you what is most helpful or relevant for you at that point in time.

The energy of that dimension, that can often be felt by the clients as well, is incredibly loving, warm and benevolent.

An Akashic Records Consultation can be a highly healing and clarifying experience, which enables you to step into the space of your own power, of love and of self-love!

You will discover, that making decisions from the heart is much easier and will lead you into the direction of a fulfilling life.


Do you feel you have a MISSION here?

Are you constantly searching for answers on Soul Level?

How can you live your purpose in the best way?

Are your ready...

...to discover your Purpose, and find out, if you came here as a Lightworker or Volunteer

...to connect to your Higher Self,

...to heal your past,

...and to live your Life the way you had originally intended?

Does this describe YOU?

"You are very sensitive, which often causes you to be in pain."

"You are highly intuitive and you have a sense of knowing, that you came here for a specific purpose."

"And although this feels like your Truth, you find yourself suffering a lot with this sense of purpose and the often times painful experiences in this dense dimension."

"You feel that part of this purpose is for you to awaken and help the collective consciousness and raise the vibration of humanity."

"You are wondering how you can hold the Light in the middle of this often dark world."

"You always have had a certain wisdom about you, even when you were younger."

"You may always have felt different from your family and environment, and even though"

"You connect with people and are able to help them, you feel somehow you are separate from them and experience this as loneliness or isolation, which is a source of pain for you at times."

"You are a natural empath and you sense other people's energy. This can be very challenging for you at times. Especially if you don't know how to protect your own energy field from that of others."

"You are constantly searching for the thruth, for answers and you consistantly strive to improve yourself."

"You struggle with the challenge of living in this 3D World a lot because of your level of awareness and consciousness."

"You feel that you are part of a large group of Souls who have chosen this time to live in order to raise mass consciousness."

Imagine for a moment how you would feel if...


"You knew exactly what your purpose was."

"You were able to make sense of your struggles and sufferings and letting go of what has been holding you back and causing you pain for a long time."

"You could feel the excitement of being on this planet at this exact point in time."

"You were able to experience joy and inner peace on a daily basis, sharing this calmness with others around you."

"You would feel the connection to your Higher Self, your Guides and your Source more and more."

"You had a clear sense of BEING THE LIGHT and HOLDING THE LIGHT for this planet and all humanity."

"You could feel and experience the connection with others like you, realising that you are not doing this on your own."

YOU might feel burdened at times...

I see so many of you beautiful souls suffering and in pain, because you know about your true nature and yet this life here has been sooo hard for you at times.

You deserve a joyful path, you deserve to leave the pain behind you, you deserve to experience the bliss that this life has to offer - especially to those who want to embody the light!

I am here to tell you, that all of this is possible for you and you don't have to continue to struggle any longer.

A great portion of my time is dedicated to supporting Lightworkers and Volunteers in their mission.


I will be your compagnion. I will access Your Akashic Records first to get information on your Soul's journey.

  • Specific energetic qualities of your Soul, and how to best use them in your life.
  • Your Soul Group of Origination, what traits you carry within you and how these influence and serve you in your expression into this physical life.
  • The state of your spiritual development and what you can expect as you move forward.
  • Your Soul's purpose and how to align with it.
  • What Spirit Guides you currently have, and how they are helping you specifically in your development.
  • What messages your guides have for you.
  • Learn how to connect with your spirit guides yourself in your everyday life.
  • If, and what negative karmic patterns are present and how you can clear them.
  • What vows, blocks and limiting beliefs present that you still subconsciously hold on to.
  • If you have any soul contracts with people in your life.
  • Clearing energetic blocks, unhelpful ties, unjustified karmic patterns and whatever else may hinder the soul's growth and potential at this point in time.

Your path and your process:

  • I will assist you in discovering YOUR PATH by tuning into Your Akashic Records and your soul's energy and help you see everything clearly without any confusion or doupt.
  • You will be able to resolve your struggles and release your pain, so you can move forward shining your LIGHT onto this planet the way you intended to, before you came here.
  • I will accompany your process and help you step into your power of creating what is important to you.


  • When you are ready to let go of everything that is not serving you and your highest good any longer, we are going to clear it.
  • We will keep all the learning from your Soul's experiences in your records and just clear the negative and dense energies. We will also include unresolved or traumatic experiences and reintroduce a state of balance and inner peace. For many, this is a wonderful experience.
  • The clearing is a very important aspect, because as we release and clear those restrictions, you will be able to move into your divine self-expression with so much more ease and confidence.
  • You will be able to access your higher Self much easier and feel your connection to Source/God/the Divine, whatever you prefer to call it, even stronger.

The light within your soul will be able to shine more and more, and you will experience more balance and more vital force energy.

Remember that only you are holding the responsibility for changes for the future. You are the highest authority in your life!



I would like to book


Soul Realignment

450,00 Euro


I look forward to

connecting with you!!!

Love, Mel

You will also get:

  • Free audio - recording

Before the Session, you will send the following information:

  • Full name, name at birth, date and place of birth and a recent photo.
  • Your questions.

My Preparation, getting the information from your records:

  • I will spend appx. 2 hours prior to your session in your Akashic Records in order to get the information for you.
  • Your Sessions with me via video call will take 1-2 hours.



My Dear, I am looking forward to connecting with YOU!



I do not diagnose. You are solely responsible for yourself and your decisions. A session with me is not a substitute for your medical or psychological treatment.

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