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KNOW Yourself, find your PURPOSE and create a LIFE you will LOVE and that will make the Heavens SMILE.

You want your life to be a true reflection of your Soul’s energy

You are truly in alignment with your Higher Self when your human personality becomes the expression of your Soul and your true nature.

You are living in the most extraordinary and most exciting times ever in human history - And there is a reason for this

This is, because the old energy, that has been on this planet for such a long time is being replaced by a new, more elevated energy.

We are witnessing and experiencing the shift from old 3D consciousness into the New Consciousness of Harmony, Love, Compassion and Peace.

And many of us now feel our consciousness expanding. We are getting access to our multidimensional self and to higher, non-physical guidance.

Many are becoming aware of their Soul’s calling, of a reality beyond the physical senses and everyday living.

No matter what your life looks like at the moment or feels like to you, you can transform it into the authentic mirror image of your divine essence.

You may start to look beyond the limits of this physical life span.

We are on a journey... an eternal journey…

And this life at this moment is just a small part of this journey.

But it is the ONLY thing we have right now, and therefore the most precious thing we have right now.

I want to encourage you to fully use this moment – this incarnation.

Use your time here to consciously create your own journey and to actively contribute to your Soul’s evolution.

It’s not impossible to achieve 5D consciousness in this incarnation.

So where do we start? This is how you begin to transform your limited self into your expanded self

The first step is a decision:

Once you decide consciously within this lifetime to focus on your Soul’s evolution and path, to heal  and to balance your energies, you can let your light shine forth and live as the one YOU really are.

Then you can also “graduate” from this Dimension.

The path into the next density or dimension does not bypass this 3D Life.

It is actually the opposite:

Your life IS the Path!

Mel is here to assist you in this journey.

Sharing her wisdom and insight, her skills and her knowing with you, so you can remember your own way back to Source.

Mel offers personal intuitive counselling, is sharing her information on Youtube  and is currently developing programs and courses which aid people effectively and practically with different aspects of consciousness development.

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