Hey, I am Mel,

an INTUITION-COACH and qualified PSYCHOTHERAPIST with more than 20 years of experience in helping people connecting to their intuition and their heart's wisdom, so they can lead fulfilling and exciting lives.

With my unique Coaching Method, people get to the realisation of the real underlying causes for their problems and they develop a heart-based and intuition- based clarity for where they want to go and how they can actively change how they feel, how they think and create the future experiences they truly want.

Not only do I have all the skills and competencies of a trained Pychotherapist, I am also using my intuition and access to inner or higher GUIDANCE in my coaching and counselling of my clients.

As a Practitioner of Soul Realignment, Reconnective Healing and a professional Akashic Records Consultant, I help people DISCOVER who they truly are, UNDERSTAND their path, HEAL their wounds and step into their POWER.

Love, Mel

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