Live your Dreams! Today!


Who am I on Soul Level? Why did I choose to come here at this time?


Are your ready... discover your Soul's history, understand, how your choices in the past may still influence your current life today, heal your past,

...and to live your Life the way you had originally intended?

Unlock the secrets of your soul and discover your true potential



Do you know that you create your own experiences,

but don't know how to create more of the ones you want,

instead of the ones you don't want?


Do you find yourself often trying to suit, accomodate and please others, but you are not happy.

Do you feel stuck in your life?

Do you feel like you often sabotage your own success?

Are you wondering abour a deeper meaning and purpose?

Do you experience reoccurring patterns in your relationships, repeating conflicts with no apparent solution?

Do you want to manifest financial freedom, but don't know how to move forward?

Are you currently experiencing a spiritual awakening and have many questions?

Do you wonder how to realise your dreams?


By accessing the wisdom of your higher self, your soul, your akashic records you can find answers to healing and self-expression!


In Soul Realignment® we discover our Soul origin and our true identity.

We get insight into our Soul's plan and how we can use our unique potential, in order to create an abundant, fulfilling and joyful life.

We clear negative karmic patterns and blocks, and are able to support healing of difficult or traumatic experiences. This modality goes beyond using the Akshic Records for a specific situation or question.

We learn how realign with our Soul's purpose and indentity, and therefore create and manifest our true self-expression!

Limiting beliefs and past life influences often hinder us in expressing who we truly are in this life and living

THE BIG LIFE we feel called to live.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if...

... your life was filled with joy and meaning

… your questions would be answered

... you could feel the excitement and inspiration every day

... you experienced a sense of deep inner peace, regardless of external situations

…you had truly meaningful relationships in your life

... you would be seen for the wonderful Soul you are

... you felt confident and centred within yourself knew your purpose and followed your desires and passions


Understanding your souls identity and healing any unresolved aspects through Soul Realignment® can be effectively empowering and life-changing.


It will take me three to four hours to prepare the reading before our appointment. I will access your Akashic Records, connect with your Higher Self, and will receive the information, that is most relevant for you at that point in time in facilitating your transformation.

At the agreed time I will send you a link to a video call vie mail. The Session will take about 1,5-2 hours.

During the session you will discover:
  • Specific energetic qualities of your Soul, and how to best use them in your life.
  • Your Soul Group of Origination, what traits you carry within you and how these influece and serve you in your expression into this physical life.
  • The state of your spiritual development and what you can expect as you move forward.
  • Your Soul's purpose and how to align with it.
  • What Spirit Guides you currently have, and how they are helping you specifically in your development. You will receive messages from your guides and learn how to connect with them yourself in your everyday life.
  • What negative karmic patterns, vows, contracts, blocks and limiting beliefs from the past you still subconciously hold on to, and we will clear them. This is a very important aspect of Soul Realignment, because as we release and clear those restrictions, you will be able to move into your divine self-expression with so much more ease and confidence. You will be able to access your higher Self much easier and feel your connection to  Source/God/the Divine, whatever you prefer to call it, even stronger. The light within your soul will be able to shine more and more, and you will experience more balance and more vital force energy.


To book an appointment or to send me your questions:

Tel: 0049-177-9571130

Current waiting time is about 4 weeks.


What happens after I have booked a Soul Realignment® Reading

It's important that you are very clear about what it is you would like to change or improve in your life.

After you have booked a session, you will receive an e-mail from me confirming your booking and asking for some brief information.At the agreed time of the appointment, I will send you a link to the video-call. I will record the call, so you don't have to take notes or worry about not remembering everything.


The Clearing

At the end, when you are ready to let go of everything that is not serving you and your highest good any longer, we are going to clear it. We will keep all the learning from your Soul's experiences  in your records and just clear the negative and dense energies. We will also include unresorved or traumatic experiences and reintroduce a state of balance and inner peace. For many, this is a wonderful experience.

You will get Homework, which is a statement that you must read out loud for 21 days. It will assist you in releasing old hindering energies and pattern, and will help you reaffirm your choice to live in alignment with your true Self and will remind you on a conscious and subconsious level of your intention.

Remember that only you are holding the responsibility for changes for the future. You are the highest authority in your life! Your new choices will influence your new path and your actions on a daily basis.



For any questions feel free to contact me:



Soul Realignment® practitioners do not diagnose, give no promises or guarantees, and always recommend that any changes to medical treatments should be discussed with the client's health care professionals.