Accessing your Book of Life

Answers from the Soul

By accessing the Akashic Records we can gain an understanding of the origins of repeating life situations, of fears or limiting beliefs, and we get guidance on how to change them.


We can identify the underlying causes and issues of chronic illnesses and physical, psychological or emotional symptoms, which is going to help you in beginning a healing process.


The Akashic Records are the universal database or library and they are also called "the book of life". As everything is energy, they consist of everything that exists, has ever existed and will ever exist. Therefore they also hold your Soul's history.

When we tap into that wisdom, we can get deep, extensive but also very practical insight and guidance for our life, and also on how to create more and more the life, we want to live.


Do you have questions about:

  • Your current life situation
  • your health
  • an important decision you need to make and would like to get clarification or guidance on
  • your relationships
  • your personal and spiritual development
  • issues from the past, that seem to hold you back from living life your way


The experience of connecting to your soul can help you live your live, the way you long to.


What happens after you have booked a consultation?


After booking, I will contact you and we will arrange a date and time. An Akashic Records Consultation can either take place, in person, on the phone or by video call. The session will take about one hour to 1.30 hours.

At the beginning, we will have a conversation about your questions, issues or situation.

Then, I am going to tune into your Akashic Records, connect with your soul and I will share with you the information and guidance that is coming through for you. They will always give you what is most helpful or relevant for you at that point in time.

The energy of that dimension, that can often be felt by the clients as well, is incredibly loving, warm and benevolent.

An Akashic Records Reading can be a highly healing and clarifying experience, which enables you to step into the space of your own power, of love and of self-love!

You will discover, that making decisions from the heart is much easier and will lead you into the direction of a fulfilling life.



To book an appointment or to send me your questions:

Tel: 0049-177-9571130

Current waiting time is about 4 weeks.