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Live your Dreams! Today!

Manifesting a big life on Soul Level

Are you ready to change your life?


"I don't like my job"

"I am unhappy with my relationship (or lack of having one )"

"I feel unfulfilled"

"No clue, what I should do with my life!"


We all want to manifest a wonderful life, abundance, success, loving and fulfilling relationships, inner peace, health ...


But there is always the question: HOW EXACTLY can we do that, on a practical, real life level?


Our soul lets us know constantly, what it is we desire, what fulfills us the most, lifts us up the most ...


what resonates with our true nature and lets us feel, who we really are and want to be! But often people don't know how to get access to that deeper knowledge and wisdom of the soul ...


By connecting to the Quantum Field, it is possible for us to find out exactly that!

Akashic Records Consultation

Find healing, answers and solutions for your current situation in your personal Akashic Records. Your soul knows your plan, your wishes and goals, and it knows the way to their realisation and manifestation....

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Soul Realignment

Find out, who you are on a Soul level, what your Soul's purpose or mission is, receive the answers to your BIG questions in life! Clear blocks and restricting beliefs that have held you back for so long and move into the direction fo living the life you originally intended for yourself...

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Reconnective Healing

A healing-session with the 5th dimensional frequencies of Reconnective Healing® can be a life-changing experience. In the Quantum Field, which allows us to connect to the Universe, to our own source and our higher Self, we can find healing on all levels of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual...

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You are just about to begin the best part of your life - if you allow it!




As a psychotherapist, counsellor and practitioner of Akashic Records Consultation, Soul Realignment and Reconnective Healing, I am dedicated to helping you  to open up and expand your connection with your own intuition/your Higher Self and to your body's natural ability to heal itself, in order for you to align with your highest potential.


I feel extremely privileged to be able to work with people through these amazing healing-modalities.


Please note:

What YOU feel in your heart shall guide you in making the decision to have a session. If you feel called to having a session with me, then please follow your inner Guidance! If you don't resonate with me and my style of working, I advise you to look for help elsewhere.


Melanie Rentmeister, B.Sc. Counselling and Psychotherapy, certified in Reconnective Healing, Soul Realignment and Akasha Records Reading.